Cedric Morris


Cedric Morris was the only person of his generation to achieve national stature both as a painter and a plantsman. As well as painting portraits, still-lifes and landscapes representing his expansive travels, Morris is best known for his flower paintings, which reveal his keen interest as a botanist – he cultivated over 90 new irises. A contemporary and friend of artists Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Paul Nash and Christopher Wood, Morris was a crucial figure in the British Modern tradition and was at the forefront of the British avant-garde.

May Flowering Irises, 1935 by Cedric Morris
Shrubs by Cedric Morris
Group of Irises by Cedric Morris
Poppies and Sweet Peas by Cedric Morris
Several Inventions by Cedric Morris
Group of Irises & Several Inventions by Cedric Morris