What's Next

What's Next


We're thrilled to be working on a new 3D project with Alice Melvin, 'Pop Out Pets'

(available from mid-August)






A new collection of Winter printmakers, notecard packs and calendars is due for release in August and September - 



A 2020 calendar by Angie Lewin.


Work in progress on the 2019 Pantomime Theatre Advent calendar by Emily Sutton.


A selection of the Winter Printmaker cards for 2019; due for release in late August - 



Season's Greetings  by Matt Underwood



Winter Walk by Gordy Wright



The Carol Singers  by Suzanne Cooper



Winter Fox by Angela Harding


Snow Bound by Mark Hearld


Snow Flight by Niki Bowers


 Song of the Winter Solstice by Niki Bowers


A Vantage Point by Sally Winter



Shortest Day by Clare Curtis


 Winter Life by Tim Southall


Horse Chestnut Buds and Winter Flowering Jasmine by Winifred Nicholson


 Rooks, Hyacinth and Snow by Winifred Nicholson


The Bridge by John Aldridge