Neil Bousfield

Neil Bousfield

Neil Bousfield lives by the Norfolk coast where a sense of place and the coastal landscape have made a significant impact upon his relief engraving and drawing practice which explores context and narrative. Neil has master’s degrees in animation, 3-D computer graphics and printmaking.  An elected member of the Society of Wood Engravers, Neil’s work is widely exhibited in the UK and USA and is held within major public collections. His narrative work is published as Walking Shadows: A Novel Without Words.

These cards are 140mm x 170mm, they are packed with a buff coloured envelope in a biodegradable cello sleeve.

Happisburgh Caravan 

engraving by Neil Bousfield

Skinny Dog Engraving by Neil Bousfield
Where there was Tea, now there is Sea Engraving by Neil Bousfield